The Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Baby

When your pregnant there are so many choices to make for your new baby. What color to do the nursery, what type of diapering system to use, and the decision to breastfeed or bottle feed your child. There are multiple conflicting opinions on the benefits of breastfeeding, however medical trials and research do not lie. We will outline the benefits for you.

Quickness of Losing That “Baby Weight”

Every woman’s body goes through dramatic changes while carrying a child. Our hips sometimes get bigger, your stomach stretches, and you begin to eat about everything in sight. When you decide to breastfeed your body undergoes a different kind of change. The act of breastfeeding stimulates your uterus to shrink much faster than it would solely on it’s own. Breastfeeding also consumes a great amount of calories per feeding. With a typical 2000 calorie diet you can lose an average of 1.3 pounds weekly by breastfeeding.

Fuller Breasts
Some women pay a handsome amount of money for the fullness in their breasts that a lot of women achieve by breastfeeding. Sure it is a cosmetic reason but for some it is a good reason.

Decreased Cancer Rates
Studies have shown that those who breastfeed their infants have a 32 percent decreased chance of developing breast cancer, and those that do typically the stage of cancer is not out of management. It helps to cycle the cells out in the breast tissue and prevent incorrect cell development.

Emotional Stability
When a mother breastfeeds it causes a release of hormones that help to combat the “baby blues”. This is a common issue many mother’s face but do not understand. It is responsible for approximately 13.1 percent of abuse cases in the world. Many fear this as a “bad parent” issue when it is solely a chemical imbalance due to the act of child birth and all the hormones that are released during that time and directly after. If you every feel those thoughts it is important to notify your obstetrics team and seek help immediately.

Health Benefits
Many women who breastfeed are at a decreased rate of developing cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This is primarily due to the consumption of calories at a fast rate that does not allow them to be absorbed by the body. It also typically delays the mother’s menstrual cycle from returning which can be a very effective form of natural birth control. This helps to space out pregnancies when typical routes of birth control are unavailable.

Financial Benefits
The cost of breastfeeding is almost null with the exclusion of pumps or storage containers. This cuts costs dramatically when compared to formula feeding. The average household spends approximately 138.65 a week in formula when not on a supplement program. This averages out to over 3,196 dollars in savings a year. Considering diapers typically cost about 30 dollars a week this is an immense savings when you have a family already on a budget.

Healing Time Speeds Up
When a mother begins to breastfeed directly after delivery it releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone speeds up the shrinking of the uterus, but also speeds up the female body’s ability to heal in general. When presented with that hormone in excess the body’s cell reproduction rates sky rocket. This allows for a woman to heal at a 3.1 times faster rate than those mothers who choose to bottle feed.

Baby’s Health
In a time tested study through the many years that the formula versus breastfeeding debate has been going on it is proven that breastfed babies do not acquire infections or viral infections anywhere near the rate at which a formula fed child would. Breastfed babies next to never have ear infections, a severely decreased rate in asthma, next to no allergies, and the need for vaccinations can be held off for a short time due to the fact that the mother’s immunities are passed to the infant via the breast milk. Most children also have a dramatically decreased rate of childhood obesity and allergies. A child also processes breast milk much faster than formula which aides in preventing colic and other digestive tract issues that are almost promised to those infants that are formula fed.

Faster and Stronger Bonds Between The Mother and The Baby

Studies have proven that children who are breastfed have better emotional relationships with their mother’s and as a result their siblings and peers. It teaches an infant how to bond appropriately with adults and forge a lasting trust factor that is beneficial to the child in the long run.

Exclusive Resting Time For The Mother

When you breastfeed it is often required for you to slow down, sit down, and relax. Most new mother’s forget about this important aspect in the healing realm and just your mental health as well. Making yourself slow down long enough to sit and feed your child allows your batteries to partially recharge so that you may healthily continue through your day without wearing down to awful much. This leads back to the bonding perk with your baby. Its more time to nibble tiny toes and sing to them.